What we do

Action Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has 30 years of experience in the industry, you can rely on us for cost-effective and energy-efficient heating & cooling solutions. From the installation of commercial refrigerators to ventilation repairs, we can ensure that you get the high-quality services you deserve.

Our History

Gary Ayliffe is the founder and director of Action Refrigeration & Air Conditioning. He has 31 years of experience and is a qualified technician for both commercial & industrial refrigeration. He is also a SAQCC authorised inspector for refrigeration systems & designer of refrigeration and air
conditioning systems, and personally oversees all jobs and projects, keeping a positive and goal orientated work place. The company has a total of 30 years experience in the industrial & commercial sector, and services some of the biggest names such as Tiger brands, Pick n Pay, Bluff Meat Supply, Aberdare Cables and many more.

Driven by our strong company values

Give Remarkable Service

Every interaction will leave a mark. Make it positive and memorable, so much so that the client will remark to their friends and family. Wow the client with your actions and solutions-based approach.

Drive Top Performance

We expect excellence from ourselves, just as our clients expect it from us. We measure results and reward those who deliver. The ultimate goal is a lasting relationship.

Honor Our Commitments

We follow through with what we say we’re going to do; this behavior is critical in building trust.

Be A Life-long Student

Be open to learning and new possibilities. Continue to challenge yourself and get outside your comfort zone!

Have Fun & Enjoy The Moment

Be present and in the Now! Life is short, life is precious, be happy with what is going right. Focus on progress, measure backwards.

Be Kind & Encouraging

We genuinely care for others and their overall well-being. We are great listeners and we use our words to inspire and build people up.


Qualified Industrial Refrigeration technicians who are certified by SAQCC Gas to work on pressurized vessels. Certified inspector and designer who is SAQCC registered We have a trade tested Electrician in our employ. Action Refrigeration also works alongside MERSETA to train apprentices and ensure we have trained staff at all levels. Action Refrigeration & Air Conditioning has a level 2 BEE rating and a level 7ME CIDB Grading. We also comply with OHS act, our staff have had their mandatory medical tests and have their police clearances.

The Action way

Through service excellence, energy saving solutions, and technical
expertise, our engineering staff and trained technicians, aim to reduce
the carbon footprint and make a statement with our innovative solutions.



As people are crucial in the delivery of our services and solutions to our clients. In order to ensure
that everyone is equipped the right skills, knowledge and attitude a comprehensive development program is in place to constantly educate our people in new technical and management skills, enabling them to execute their duties and responsibilities confidently.

Gary Ayliffe


Clint Teichmann

Technical Manager

Kirsty Walden

Manager & Projects

Sashen Chetty

Technical Co-Ordinator

Cyle Muil

Sales Manager

Ashika Nundkumar

Stores Manager

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