Service & Maintenance Plans

To ensure your air conditioner performs at the desired and optimum efficiency, regular services on your unit must be implemented. An air conditioner service also prevents mechanical breakdown.

Our maintenance contracts are expertly conducted and exceptionally priced. We work with many corporate companies, hotels and businesses that leave all the worry of maintaining and undertaking the service requirements to us.

Expert repairs and servicing maintain longevity and reduce power consumption. We are able to offer maintenance to all makes and brands of air conditioner and refrigeration systems.

If the system has been supplied and  installed by ourselves we offer you the hassle free warranty of our suppliers. Imagine knowing that your company can rest assure that your air con contractor takes full responsibility for the unit if serviced at the recommended service intervals.

minor service

  • Check condenser cleanliness
  • Clean return air filters
  • Clean indoor unit covers
  • Check units for correct operation
  • Visually inspect units for any obvious problems that need resolving and report back
  • Record faults on checks
  • Ensure area is clean and tidy

major service

  • Chemically clean condenser and evaporator units
  • Check electrical connections
  • Check gas charge
  • Check for any visual gas leaks
  • Check safety switches for correct operation
  • Check crank case heaters
  • Check oil levels and condition of oil if possible
  • Check compressor efficiency
  • Check for any undue noise or vibrations
  • Check condition of evaporator coil
  • Check condition of condenser coil
  • Check fan operation
  • Check condensate drainage
  • A general check of the equipment to be carried out incl. noise etc.
  • Record faults on checks
  • Ensure area is clean and tidy